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Ultrasound at Fairfax Radiology
Whether it is used to get an early glimpse of your unborn baby, help evaluate the cause of muscle or joint pain, or provide image guidance for needle biopsies, Ultrasound is a very common and simple procedure. It uses high-frequency sound waves to...
Dr. Toyin Idowu Joins the Fairfax Radiology Team
Dr. Toyin Idowu joined Fairfax Radiology November 2018, specializing in Neuro Imaging. Her training in Diagnostic Radiology and subspecialty training in Neuroradiology was completed at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She subsequently became Assistant...
Make Your Health Your Resolution in the New Year
Many of us make resolutions in the New Year. A common resolution is to focus on your health and fitness. Let Fairfax Radiology work with you! Screening exams are used to detect unsuspected abnormalities and are an important part of health maintenance...
Scheduling an Appointment with FRC
To schedule an appointment over the phone, call Fairfax Radiology’s Scheduling Team at 703.698.4488 . A member of our scheduling team will help you make an appointment at one of our sixteen convenient outpatient centers in Northern Virginia. We offer...
Fairfax Radiology Strives to Give Back to the Community
As today marks, #GivingTuesday: A Global Giving Movement , we highlight the importance of giving back. At FRC, we believe giving back to the community is an important part of our business. This year we proudly supported many important causes and...
An Easier Colonoscopy Exists!
If you are like many of us, you may be reluctant to have a colonoscopy because of the unpleasant nature of traditional screening methods. A CT Virtual Colonoscopy is a new, less invasive alternative for the screening of colorectal cancer, and it is...
Low Dose CT Lung Screening Could Save Your Life
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Often, early lung cancer does not cause symptoms and can go undiagnosed. Undergoing screening may help detect the cancer at an earlier stage, when it is easier to treat. How Does...
4 Things You Need to Know About Breast Pain
Breast pain is one of the most commonly reported breast symptoms. During October, we focus on Breast Health and feel it is important to address questions about this frequent occurrence. Is All Breast Pain the Same? No! Pain can be constant or...
Giving Back for Breast Cancer Survivors
At Fairfax Radiology, we are at the front line of fighting breast cancer. We know that early detection saves lives. We are also committed to raise awareness about Breast Cancer and to give back to our community. This month Fairfax Radiology is proud...
Image Guided Breast Procedures at Fairfax Radiology
Since the early detection of Breast Cancer can save lives, we offer breast imaging services, such as Image Guided Breast Imaging procedures, at multiple locations throughout Northern Virginia with convenient morning, evening, and weekend hours. Take...
5 Imaging Procedures for Early Detection
The most common type of cancer among women in the United States is breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer allows for more successful treatment. We help fight breast cancer by offering a variety of imaging services to support the mission of...
Heart Screenings that Could Save Your Life
Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. This silent killer typically progresses slowly for many years. In fact, many men and women are not aware of their coronary artery disease until after they suffer a...
Breast Self-Awareness
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and marks an important time to focus on women’s health. No medical subject concerns women more than breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and in women around the world....
Patient Portal Access Questions, Answered!
Frcforpatients.com provides convenient access to all your FRC health information. However, when it comes to logging in to any online portal, remembering usernames and passwords can often slow you down. To save you time, here is what to do if you need...
The Value of Better Imaging
When it comes to your health care, we know you want the best value for your money. At Fairfax Radiology, we provide high-quality, specialized imaging services to men, women and children throughout the DC metro area. We recognize that you have a...
Ultrasound and Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) at the Front Line of Thyroid Cancer Detection
September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Thyroid Cancer is the most common cancer of teh endocrine organs, occurs more frequently among women and can affect all age groups. Early detection is key to successful treatment. If you or your health...
Fairfax Radiology Sponsors Upcoming “Race to Make it All Better 5K and Family Health Fair”
Fairfax Radiology is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Pediatric Specialists of Virginia (PSV) “Race to Make It All Better 5K and Family Health Fair 2018”. This is the 4 th fourth year of this important event , taking place at the Reston Town Center on...
Your Fairfax Radiology Patient Portal questions, answered!
Our patient portal offers secure access to your medical information, anywhere and anytime. With this additional convenience may come questions and we want you to have the answers at your fingertips! Over the next few months, we will cover all the...
Providing Directions for our Patients
Driving can be stressful in the DC metro area and we want our patients to arrive to their appointment safely, timely, and stress free. We know you have choices on where to go for radiology and we strive to make your experience with Fairfax Radiology...
New Physician - Dr. Sheybani
Fairfax Radiology Welcomes Another Experienced Radiologist to our Team Dr. Arman Sheybani joined Fairfax Radiology in July, specializing in Body Imaging, which includes MRI and CT exams tailored to evaluate the liver, pancreas, prostate, rectum,...
Breast Diagnostic Center
Welcome to Fairfax Radiology’s Breast Diagnostic Center. In honor of National Health Cancer week, we understand that no medical subject concerns women more than breast cancer. Fortunately, most breast cancers can be treated successfully with early...
Breast Diagnostic Center
Cause Calendar
Welcome to Fairfax Radiology’s Breast Diagnostic Center. In honor of National Health Cancer week, we understand that no medical subject concerns women more than breast cancer. Fortunately, most breast cancers can be treated successfully with early...
Fairfax Radiology Takes Pride in Sponsoring Local Youth Little League
Fairfax Radiology understands the mission to support kid’s health by engaging in community events with this focus. One way we accomplish this goal is by sponsoring over a dozen local Little League baseball teams. We support players in Northern...
Fairfax Radiology’s Doctor in the News
Dr. Edward Greenberg, Interventional Neuroradiologist from Fairfax Radiology, played an important role in the story of a lifesaving little girl and her dad who suffered from a stroke. The heroic tale was recently featured on the local NBC Washington...
Dr. Daniel M. Fistere, Jr.
Dr. Daniel M. Fistere, Jr. joins Fairfax Radiology in July, specializing in Neuroimaging. Dr. Fistere graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, did his residency training at Emory University School of Medicine, and was a...
Welcome to Our Breast Diagnostic Center
Welcome to Fairfax Radiology’s Breast Diagnostic Center. No medical subject concerns women more than breast cancer. Fortunately, most breast cancers can be treated successfully with early detection. Here, you will receive comprehensive breast care...
Welcome to Fairfax Vascular Center
Thousands of patients have turned to the Fairfax Vascular Center to treat vascular diseases and other disorders. Our experienced team of specialists include Board Certified Interventional Radiologists and skilled physician assistants that have...
Our Patient Portal - frcforpatients.com
To better serve you, we are constantly striving to improve access to your Fairfax Radiology healthcare information. Our patient portal, frcforpatients.com , is a convenient and time saving tool to connect with our services anywhere internet access is...
FRC Delivers Better Patient Care with SIGNA Architect
Fairfax Radiology is continuously looking for new technologies to provide the highest level of medical care possible. Find out how a recent MRI system upgrade to our SIGNA Architect system delivers reduced scan times, a more accurate diagnosis and a...
Online Self Scheduling for Mammography Now Available
We know that life is hectic enough without the added stress of having to schedule and undergo medical tests and procedures. That is why at Fairfax Radiology, we strive to improve our processes to offer our patients with simple, fast access to medical appointments. You will never have to put your health—or your life—on hold.
FRC is a proud sponsor of PSV’s 5k and Health Fair
FRC is a proud sponsor of the Pediatric Specialists of Northern Virginia’s Stride Forward 5K and Family Health Fair. Pediatric Specialists of Virginia (PSV) welcomed guests to their third annual Stride Forward 5K and Family Health Fair which took...
Office Hours - Labor Day 2017
Please be aware of the adjusted location hours All Locations are closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2017. Weekend hours are also adjusted as follows: The following locations will be closed all weekend from Saturday Sept 2 through Monday Sept...
Timely, cutting-edge care helps a local stroke patient defy the odds
Timely, cutting-edge care helps a local stroke patient defy the odds
During a stroke, every second counts
During a stroke, every second counts (video)
A Doctor's Mammogram Mission Turns Personal
Click here to read the New York Times article about Dr. Marisa Weiss, a radiation oncologist, and how her own real life experience with mammography proved lifesaving.
Industry study shows Screening Mammography Beginning at Age 40 Reduces Mastectomy Risk...
A recent study supports the importance of regular mammography screening for women in the 40-50 age group. Click here to see the press release.