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General Department Contact

General Departments/Locations Phone Fax
Administration/Business Office 703.698.4444 703.698.2176
Billing Inquiries 703.698.1300 703.204.0116
Credit Card Payments 703.788.8444 703.204.0116
Employee Directory (Dial a direct Extension) 703.698.4483 None
Film Library 703.698.6882 703.698.7944
Financial Assistance for Patient Accounts 703.797.0133 703.573.0880
Health Screening Department 703.698.4464 703.204.9187
Human Resources 703.788.8440 703.698.4451
MSK (Musculoskeletal)/Pain Management Department 703.752.7799 703.698.4491
Patient Relations 703.788.8432 None
Patient Scheduling 703.698.4488 703.698.0864
Physician Services/Marketing 703.698.4481 703.698.4450
PreCert Department 703.752.7793 703.698.8745
Privacy Officer 703.698.4476 703.698.2176
Referring Physicians IT Support 703.698.4440 703.204.2107

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