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Mammograms with Breast Implants

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Are you feeling uncertain about getting your annual mammogram because you have breast implants? It's natural to have questions. Let's address these worries and provide clarity on what to expect when getting a mammogram with implants.

First and foremost, mammograms remain a necessary tool in breast cancer detection, offering early detection that can be lifesaving. For women with implants, the process will require some additional considerations, but it's entirely safe when performed by experienced professionals.
One common misconception is the fear that the pressure from the mammogram machine could rupture the implants. However, modern mammography equipment and techniques are designed to accommodate women with implants safely. Radiology technologists are trained to adjust the compression level to ensure optimal imaging, minimizing risk to the integrity of the implants.

During the procedure, the technologist will take extra care to position the implants properly to capture accurate images of the breast tissue. Specialized techniques may be used to ensure thorough imaging of both the breast tissue and visible implants.

We ask patients to sign a consent form for implant imaging due to the risk of rupture, which can increase as the implants age.

It's important to communicate with your health care provider and the radiology technologist about your implants before the mammogram. Providing information about the type, size, and placement of your implants will help them tailor the procedure to your specific needs.
The goal of a mammogram is to detect any abnormalities in the breast tissue, whether you have implants or not. By staying proactive about your breast health and having regular screenings, you're taking an important step in early detection.

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