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What is Sclerotherapy?

What Is Sclerotherapy?

If you have red, purple and blue blood vessels that are twisted and visible through the skin (also called spider veins), you are not alone. Up to 60% of adults suffer from this condition. The good news Fairfax Vein Center offers a simple noninvasive procedure called Sclerotherapy that can be used to treat spider veins, as well as smaller varicose veins, with no down time.

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What causes spider veins?

Spider veins may be caused by many factors, including weight fluctuations, pregnancy, long periods of sitting or standing, and injury to the legs. Varicose veins can appear like tiny red, blue or purple twisted blood vessels (almost like a spider web).

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How does Sclerotherapy work?

Sclerotherapy is performed by injecting a medication into the lining of the vein, causing it to close and the blood to reroute to healthy veins, improving circulation and appearance.

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When is the best time to have Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is helpful for treating veins when they first appear, before they become further complicated and unsightly. Some patients may require several treatment sessions, depending upon the complexity of the vein protrusion, and the number of vein regions requiring treatment.

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What should I expect during Sclerotherapy?

During your initial appointment, our staff will provide you with pre-procedure instructions. It is very important that you follow these instructions and take any prescribed medication. During this procedure, the Interventional Radiologist will use a small needle to inject a medication into the lining of the vein. You may experience a slight sting when the medication enters the vein. Once the medication is injected, the needle is withdrawn and a compression pad is applied while the Radiologist moves onto the next vein and repeats the process. Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy may be used as a guide when treating an abnormal vein below the skin or when Laser Ablation is not possible. During this procedure, Sclerotherapy is performed as described, but Ultrasound technology allows the veins to be visualized on a screen.

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What should I expect after Sclerotherapy?

You will receive complete post-procedure instructions before leaving our center. Mild bruising of the area is normal and should go away within two weeks. You may resume normal activities immediately. Light exercise, such as walking is encouraged. Hot baths, hot tubs and saunas should be avoided for one week. Air travel should be avoided for three weeks. You will be instructed to wear compression socks or compression bandages for about two weeks following the treatment.  A follow-up visit should be scheduled for two weeks after treatment.

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Can I schedule Sclerotherapy with Fairfax Vein Center?

Before scheduling an appointment, you will need to get a referral from your physician. Once you have a referral, you can schedule an appointment by calling 703.698.4488 Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm or click here to make an online appointment request.

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When are appointments offered Sclerotherapy?

For your convenience, appointments are available mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends at our Vascular Center. Learn more about this location.

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