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What is Pain Management?

If you suffer from pain of the spine or joints, relief is closer than you think. Fairfax Radiology provides a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that will not only provide pain relief, but also help determine the cause of your pain so you and your physician can develop an appropriate treatment plan.

What types of Pain Management Services does Fairfax Radiology offer?

  • Facet Block/Therapeutic Facet Injections (CT Guidance)
    Injections that consist of anti-inflammatory steroid medication and/or anesthetic (numbing medication) that may reduce inflammation, resulting in pain relief within the joints and/or nerves that run along the outer edge of the facet joints in the spine. These injections may also provide valuable data necessary to determine treatment options.
  • Nerve Blocks/Epidural Steroid Injections (CT Guidance)
    Injections that use CT guidance to deliver medication adjacent to a specific nerve root in the spinal area are used to treat nerve impingement or to locate the nerve that may be causing symptoms.
  • Sacroiliac Joint Injections (CT Guidance)
    Injections that are used to evaluate and treat pain in the sacroiliac joints where the pelvis meets the spine.
  • Hip and Shoulder Injections (CT or US Guidance)
    General joint and extremities injections.
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Why would my physician recommend any of these injections?

Your physician may recommend Facet, Nerve Blocks, Sacroiliac or Hip/Shoulder Injections to evaluate the root of your pain or provide pain relief to targeted areas.

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How do I schedule Pain Management Injections with Fairfax Radiology?

Contact our Scheduling Department for an appointment:

Phone: 703.698.4488 Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm

Fax: 703.698.0864

Or click here to make an appointment request

Please have your written physician order and your insurance card in hand when making your appointment.


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When are appointments offered for Pain Management Injections?

For your convenience, appointments are available mornings and afternoons during the week at the locations listed above. Learn more about each location.

I have had lumbar injections from Dr Muller for the past two years. He is by far the most professional and kind doctor I have met in all my years of needing doctors.

Francine P.

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