Liver Spleen Scan

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What is Liver Spleen Scan?

What is a Liver-Spleen Scan?

Liver-Spleen Scan is a test that determines abnormalities in the function and size of your liver and spleen. Sometimes, it is used to characterize a liver lesion seen on other imaging modalities.

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Why would my doctor recommend a Liver-Spleen Scan?

Your doctor may recommend a Liver-Spleen Scan if you experience: 

  • Liver Mass
  • Abnormal liver function test
  • Pain & discomfort
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How do I prepare for a Liver-Spleen Scan?

Your doctor will provide specific instructions. Generally, there is no preparation needed for the scan.

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What can I expect during a Liver-Spleen Scan?

The patient will be administered imaging material through an IV. About 20 minutes after the imaging material is administered, the imaging will take place.

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How do I schedule a Liver-Spleen Scan with Fairfax Radiology?

Please have your written physician order and insurance information in hand when scheduling your appointment.

Online: Click here to request an appointment.

Scheduling Department Phone: 703.698.4488

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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When are appointments offered for a Liver-Spleen Scan?

For your convenience, appointments are available at multiple locations. Learn more about each location.

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