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What is Bone Scans?

What is a Bone Scan?

A Bone Scan is a type of Nuclear Medicine test that helps diagnose different bone diseases or conditions. Your physician may order a bone scan for bone pain, bone infection, injury or to evaluate for cancer.


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Why would my doctor recommend a bone scan?

A bone scan may be ordered if you have unexplained skeletal pain, a bone injury that can't be seen on a standard X-ray, or if your physician suspects you may have a bone infection.  Bone scans are used to evaluate arthritic changes in the joints. This nuclear imaging test can also help identify if cancer has spread (metastasized) to the bone from the tumor's original location. 

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What can I expect during a bone scan?

If you are scheduled to receive a whole body scan, a limited body scan, a three-phase bone scan, a bone scan with SPECT or SPECT-CT, the preparation is the same for these outpatient appointments at Fairfax Radiology.  You will come to the office at your scheduled time and be injected with a radioactive imaging material.  You may leave, then return for imaging in approximately three hours after the injection.  You will be asked to hydrate well after the injection.  Patients who have a three-phase bone scan will be imaged briefly immediately after the injection, then leave and return for more imaging. 

During imaging, you will be asked to lie still while the images are taken.

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How do I schedule a bone scan with Fairfax Radiology?

Please have your written physician order and insurance information in hand when scheduling your appointment. 

Online: Click Here to request an appointment.
Scheduling Department Phone: 703.698.4488
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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When are appointments offered for a bone scan?

For your convenience, appointments are available at multiple locations.  Learn more about each location below.

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