What is General Diagnostic X-ray?


What is General Diagnostic X-ray imaging?

X-ray imaging is one of the most common types of medical imaging for people of any age. Whether you have fallen or injured yourself, this type of imaging is usually the first step in diagnosing broken or fractured bones or dislocated joints. 

X-ray imaging uses an X-ray beam (Ionizing electromagnetic radiation) that is projected onto the body. When passing through the body, some of the beam is absorbed, while other portions travel through and can be detected as an image, resulting in an image that can be viewed digitally on a computer or device.

General Diagnostic X-ray is the most basic type of X-ray that uses ionizing electromagnetic radiation to produce a single 2D image that may be used to evaluate many injuries or illnesses.

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Why should I choose Fairfax Radiology for my General Diagnostic X-rays?

Fairfax Radiology offers the convenience of multiple locations, weekend hours at select locations, free parking, Board Certified physicians and the peace of mind knowing that all images will be read by expert Radiologists and a report is promptly sent to your referring physician.

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How do I schedule a General DIagnostic X-ray with Fairfax Radiology?

General Diagnostic X-ray exams are performed on a walk-in basis at our convenient locations listed below. Please refer to our directory for specific hours and locations offering Diagnostic X-ray services.

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When are appointments offered for X-rays?

For your convenience, services are available mornings, afternoons and weekends at several locations listed below. Learn more about each location.

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