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What is Complete Breast Ultrasound Screening (CBUS)?

What is a Complete Breast Ultrasound Screening (CBUS)?

Complete Breast Ultrasound Screening is performed in conjunction with a Screening Mammogram to help uncover cancer that may be hidden in women with dense breasts.

CBUS can find more cancers in women with dense breasts compared to mammography alone. At Fairfax Radiology Breast Centers, CBUS is performed only by certified breast sonographers who are experienced in looking at dense breast tissue.

While Mammography is highly effective in finding breast cancer in most women, sometimes a Mammogram screening is not enough. Adding CBUS can find more cancers than Mammography alone in women with dense breasts

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When is CBUS recommended?

Your physician may recommend CBUS if you have dense breast tissue, which could make it difficult to find cancer during a regular Screening Mammogram.

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What is breast density?

Breasts are made up of both fatty tissue and glandular tissue (milk ducts and lobules). The more glandular tissue a woman has, the denser her breast tissue. Dense breast tissue is white on a Mammogram and fatty tissue is grey on a Mammogram. So the denser the breast tissue, the whiter the Mammogram will appear.

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How do I know if I have dense breasts?

If you have dense breasts, you are not alone. Four out of ten women have dense breasts, which may put them at a higher risk of breast cancer. The only way to know if you have dense breasts is to have a Mammogram. If you have a Mammogram at Fairfax Radiology, we will report your breast density information to you and your physician. It is important to know your breast density and understand which tests are best for you.

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What if I have dense breasts?

If it is determined from a Mammogram that you have dense breasts, it is important to have a conversation with your physician about other factors that could affect your risk, as well as additional screenings, such as CBUS, that could aid in early detection of breast cancer.

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Does a regular Mammogram show cancer in dense breasts?

The breasts are composed of two types of tissue: fat and glandular tissue. On a Mammogram, the fat appears grey, while the glandular tissue appears white. The more glandular tissue a woman has, the whiter the Mammogram will appear. Since some signs of cancer also appear white on a Mammogram, they could be obscured or hidden by dense, white tissue. Many cancers that could hide on a Mammogram show up clearly on an CBUS screening.

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What can I expect during an CBUS screening?

During the exam, you will lie on a table and the Mammography Technologist will apply gel to the breast. A special Ultrasound probe will press gently on your breast and move from the top to the bottom of your breast in several sections. The whole test could take anywhere from 20-45 minutes, depending on the size of your breast.

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Is everyone a candidate for CBUS?

Some women with a history of certain kinds of surgeries and some women with some kinds of implants might be better candidates for a hand-held Whole Breast Screening Ultrasound rather than the Complete Breast Ultrasound (CBUS) Screening.

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How do I schedule an CBUS screening with Fairfax Radiology?

Contact our Scheduling Department for an appointment:

Phone: 703.698.4488 Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm

Fax: 703.698.0864

Or click here to make an appointment request

Please have your written physician order and your insurance card in hand when making your appointment.


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When are appointments offered for CBUS?

For your convenience, appointments are available weekday mornings and afternoons at our Breast Diagnostic Center. Learn more about this location.

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Will my insurance cover this exam?

This exam is not covered under preventive services. You will be responsible for payment of the amount determined by your health plan including any deductible, coinsurance, co-payment, and non-covered services once a claim has been filed and processed.

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Can I bring my children to my imaging appointment?

All imaging procedures require that only the patient remain in the room during the exam. Because the patient requires our full attention, we cannot provide supervision for any accompanying children. If you wish to bring your children, you must arrange for another adult to supervise your children during your procedure. Families of Obstetrical patients will be allowed in the room for a limited period of time, but only when an adult accompanies the minor children.

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