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What is Breast Cyst Aspiration?

What is Breast Cyst Aspiration?

A breast cyst is a fluid-filled sac inside the breast. Cysts are very common in women and many women have more than one. Although usually benign, some simple cysts can be painful or large enough to be bothersome. Others that contain debris or thick fluid are referred to as "complex" cysts.

One way to get relief from the pain is to remove fluid from the cyst, thereby decreasing the pressure. This is called aspiration. At Fairfax Radiology, this procedure is performed with the aid of an Ultrasound by one of our highly trained Breast Imaging Radiologists. The procedure is simple and provides quick results for your peace of mind.

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Why would my physician recommend a Breast Cyst Aspiration?

Your physician may recommend a Breast Cyst Aspiration if you have a cyst that is large, painful or is shown to be complicated on an Ultrasound exam. 

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How do I know if I have a breast cyst?

If you feel a lump in your breast that feels like it is filled with fluid or can easily be moved, it might be a breast cyst. Many breast cysts are self-discovered or found during a routine exam by a physician. If you think you have a lump, even if you believe it to be a cyst, you should talk to your physician immediately.

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What should I expect during a Breast Cyst Aspiration?

During a Breast Cyst Aspiration, the skin is cleaned and local anesthesia is applied. Using Ultrasound as a guide, a small needle is then inserted into the center of the cyst to remove the fluid. Once the fluid is withdrawn, the procedure is complete.

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What should I expect after a Breast Cyst Aspiration?

If all of the fluid is removed, there may be nothing else you need to do. However, cysts do sometimes fill up again. At that point, you can discuss next steps with your physician as to whether it should be drained again, biopsied or just left alone.

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How do I schedule a Breast Cyst Aspiration with Fairfax Radiology?

Contact our Scheduling Department for an appointment:

Phone: 703.698.4488 Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm

Fax: 703.698.0864

Or click here to make an appointment request

Please have your written physician order and your insurance card in hand when making your appointment.

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When are appointments offered for Breast Cyst Aspiration?

For your convenience, appointments are available mornings, afternoons and weekends at the locations listed above. Learn more about each location.

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Can I bring my children to my imaging appointment?

All imaging procedures require that only the patient remain in the room during the exam. Because the patient requires our full attention, we cannot provide supervision for any accompanying children. If you wish to bring your children, you must arrange for another adult to supervise your children during your procedure. Families of Obstetrical patients will be allowed in the room for a limited period of time, but only when an adult accompanies the minor children.

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