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Revolutionary 3T MRI creates a superb patient experience

If you are anxious about being in enclosed spaces, the prospect of having to get an MRI scan can be daunting. New technologies are improving the experience for patients by making the MRI process easier and less overwhelming.

The 3T Philips Elition MRI with Ambient Experience is doing just that. While maintaining exquisite image quality, this innovative technology offers patients a fully customizable experience including in-bore visual enhancement, soothing audio, and noise reduction to help create a more comfortable, stress relieving environment.

Before entering the room, you can pick your dynamic mood lighting and select your virtual experience theme from a touch screen monitor. Choose to swim with dolphins and other marine life, take a ride in a hot air balloon, walk in nature, or enjoy the peaceful exploration of a vineyard.  As your exam begins, you are immediately submerged in engaging visuals taking you to a peaceful state as your images are obtained.

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