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A More Comfortable Colonoscopy

Colorectal cancer affects an estimated 153,000 Americans each year. It is the second deadliest form of cancer of men and women in the United States. When found early, it is highly treatable.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and Fairfax Radiology wants to raise awareness about colorectal health and educate you on an important advanced screening exam that is available, Virtual Colonoscopy. This screening tool is a less invasive alternative to traditional colonoscopy and can detect colon cancer in its earliest stages. It also can identify polyps in the colon before they become cancerous, leading to the prevention of colon cancer.

Fairfax Radiology supports the American Cancer Society’s recommendations on Virtual Colonoscopy.  Men and women should have regular colonoscopies beginning at age 45 and those with a family history of colon cancer should begin at age 40. A Virtual Colonoscopy is recommended every five years from the age of 45-75 or 85 for healthy average risk people. While a traditional colonoscopy remains the standard, there are many patients that cannot or choose not to have the conventional screening. Virtual Colonoscopy is a safe and reliable alternative.

During this quick screening exam at Fairfax Radiology, a CT scan rotates around the body and takes multiple images of the colon and rectum. Those images are then turned into a 3D image which will show any abnormalities inside the colon, rectum and pelvis. Our team of specialty trained radiologists interpret these images and send the report to your physician.

Fairfax Radiology encourages regular screenings for early detection of cancer. Talk to your physician if you think a Virtual Colonoscopy is right for you. To learn more and schedule a Virtual Colonoscopy at Fairfax Radiology, visit https://www.fairfaxradiology.com/procedures/low-dose-computed-tomography-ct/ct-virtual-colonoscopy.

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