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Elevating Patient Experience at Fairfax Radiology

Patient experience encompasses all the interactions that a patient has with a health care organization. Were you treated well? Do you have confidence in the quality of care you received? At Fairfax Radiology, those answers are yes. 

You have a choice about where to go for your radiology screenings and exams, and studies show that patient experience is one of the key influences of that choice. Here, we highlight three ways that Fairfax Radiology elevates the experience and makes our patients the top priority.

Living our Core Values. At Fairfax Radiology, the most important component of patient experience begins with demonstrating our company’s core values: respect, trust, compassion, and innovation. From hiring and training, the selection of radiology equipment and technology, to the day-to-day expectations, all team members are responsible for upholding the organization’s core values with each other and with you. 

Knowing what to expect. Fairfax Radiology provides patient-focused videos that outline different services and screenings, as well as tours of our centers, so you can experience what it will feel like to walk in. Additionally, we recognize that medical screenings and exams can induce anxiety and fear in many patients. With a multitude of educational videos, you will know exactly what you can expect before, during and after your exam. 

Offering Convenience and Access. For patients, convenience and access are among the most important factors in medical decision making. At Fairfax Radiology, you have access to a secure patient portal where you can easily view your images and reports, share your health data, and make appointments. Fairfax Radiology is committed to prioritizing convenient care and accessibility. If you want a practice that offers leading-edge medical imaging at 20 convenient outpatient imaging centers, evening and weekend hours, and easy appointment scheduling, you can have confidence in your decision to choose Fairfax Radiology for your imaging needs. 

For more information, visit https://www.fairfaxradiology.com/patients

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