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Abbreviated Breast MRI

In the Fall of 2020, we are adding Abbreviated Breast MRI to our breast imaging procedures. This screening is a cost-effective tool available to patients with a moderate lifetime risk of breast cancer. It is also a well-suited for patients who are due for implant evaluation screening.

What is the difference between a traditional Mammogram and an Abbreviated Breast MRI?

Mammography is the most effective screening tool for breast cancer detection, but it is less sensitive for detection in dense breast tissue. Around 50% of women undergoing screening mammography have dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue makes it harder to detect cancer.

Abbreviated Breast MRI is the most sensitive exam for breast cancer detection, making it beneficial for women who have dense breast tissue. The exam requires an IV for contrast, has no radiation and no breast compression. It is faster and more affordable than the standard breast MRI without compromising sensitivity. 

Which scan is right for me? 

The Abbreviated Breast MRI scan is best suited for women with an average to intermediate risk of breast cancer. (<20% lifetime risk) For women who are higher lifetime risk for breast cancer (>20%), it is recommended they are screened with the standard breast MRI. 

Not all individuals are candidates for the Abbreviated Breast MRI. Please consult your primary care physician to review your medical history and determine your risk for breast cancer. 

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