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If you have any questions about your bill or insurance claim status, we are here to help. Our office is open Monday – Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm. Contact us by phone at 703.698.1300 or email us at and we'll call you back within one business day.*

If our patient service lines are busy, it means that we are assisting other client/patients. Please be patient and we will answer your call as quickly as possible. In the event you are unable to speak with a representative when you call, feel free to leave a message. Please include your name, account number (if known), date of service, reason for your call and the best phone number to reach you.


*Sending private information by email is not secure. Please do not include any credit card numbers or protected health information in your email. Contact us by phone to discuss specifics regarding your account.

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If you would like to pay your bill over the phone, 
please call 703.788.8444, Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm. Please have the following information available when you call: the patient's name, account number, date of service, the amount you want to pay, the cardholder's name, address, card number and expiration date. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

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Why do I have a bill from Fairfax Radiology and Inova for the same services?

If services are provided at any Inova-owned facility (see list below) as an inpatient, emergency or urgent care patient, hospital outpatient or Inova outpatient facilities, then each provider bills separately for its 'component' of the service. The Inova bill is for the technical component, which is to cover the costs of the facility, equipment, technicians and supplies. Fairfax Radiology's bill is for the professional component, which is for the supervision and interpretation provided by our Radiologist for the exam performed.

Inova-owned facilities:

  • Inova Fairfax Medical Campus
  • Inova Loudon Hospital
  • Inova Emergency Room - Reston/Herndon
  • Inova Emergency Room – Fairfax
  • Inova Healthplex - Ashburn
  • Fairfax MRI Center
  • Inova Fairfax Hospital Outpatient Imaging and Vein and Vascular Center at Gainesville

My insurance should have paid 100%. Why am I being billed for a balance?

Most radiology services are subject to insurance deductibles, coinsurance and/or copayments. Provided we have complete and accurate insurance billing information, we only release a bill to you once we have received payment or denial from your insurance company. You should have received an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurer showing the amount you are responsible for paying and what it covers. Since we do not know exactly what the terms of your insurance benefits are, we suggest you contact your insurer if you have any questions about your 
bill or disagree with the balance owed. The member services phone number for your insurer should be on the back of your insurance card.

Why do I have a bill from the hospital when I went to a Fairfax Radiology location?

Some Fairfax Radiology facilities (see list below) are owned by Inova and are considered an outpatient department of the hospital. Fairfax Radiology provides management and professional services at the facility. Each provider bills separately for its services. Fairfax MRI Center at Fairfax/Inova Fairfax Hospital Inova Fairfax Hospital Outpatient Imaging and Vein and Vascular Center at Gainesville

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