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Nuclear Medicine Services

Nuclear Medicine AccreditationUsing our full nuclear medicine capability, Fairfax Radiology's Prosperity Imaging Center provides a full array of studies, including bone, renal and lung scans and SPECT tomographic imaging. Because our nuclear medicine specialists are, first and foremost, experienced radiologists, they can correlate and interpret nuclear medicine studies with confirming X-rays, if indicated, to present a complete picture of the problem.

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine ServicesNuclear medicine is a specialized imaging service that involves using very small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose or treat disease and other abnormalities within the body. A variety of procedures are available that offer a unique ability to identify the presence of diseased or injured tissue. Based on the body area of interest, a nuclear medicine procedure is performed with the introduction of a specific type of radioactive “isotope” either by injection, oral ingestion or inhalation followed by imaging of the area of the body where this isotope collects. Bone scans are a frequently ordered exam to identify fractures too small to see on a regular x-ray. SPECT/CT imaging for some Nuclear Medicine procedures offers an additional enhancement of the Nuclear Medicine procedure to provide a more comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for the referring physician.

See the matrix below for a complete list of Nuclear Medicine exams offered.

butonAll Nuclear Medicine Studies are done at our Prosperity Location.

Exams Offered



  • Whole Body
  • Whole Body w/Renal Differential
  • 3 Phase
  • Ceretec Brain SPECT/CT



  • Lung (V/Q)
  • Quantitative (Split Q)
  • Resting MUGA Scan



  • Gastric Emptying
  • GE Reflux
  • Hepatobiliary w/CCK
  • Liver/Spleen
  • Hemangioma (SPECT/CT)
  • Meckel's
  • H.pylori Breath Test
  • Renal (Q.Split Function)
  • Diuretic/Lasix (Obstruction)
  • Captopril (RAS/HTN)
  • DMSA (Pyelonephritis)
  • Cystogram (Reflux)



  • Thyroid (RAIU & Scan)
  • I-131 Whole Body SPECT/CT (Thyroid Cancer)
  • I-123 Whole Body SPECT/CT (Thyroid Cancer)
  • Parathyroid SPECT/CT
  • Gallium
  • Ceretec WBC
  • I-123 MIBG SPECT/CT Scan
  • I-131 MIBG SPECT/CT Scan
  • Octreoscan SPECT/CT
  • Indium Scan

Therapy 1-131

  • Thyroid Cancer/Hyperthyroidism

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