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Diagnostic Radiology

Diagnostic Radiology ServicesDiagnostic Services include general diagnostic x-rays, fluoroscopy and Intravenous Pyleograms (IVPs) and Bone Density studies.

What is Bone Density/DXA?

Osteoporosis, or the weakening of bone structure as we age has been an increasing area of concern for patients, especially women. A bone density study can provide an evaluation of the bone structure to identify early bone loss, known as osteopenia or identify the patient has osteoporosis and is at higher risk for bone fracture. A simple, quick evaluation is often done in conjunction with an annual mammogram. Many insurance companies provide periodic bone density scans as part of their routine health evaluation benefits.


Fluoroscopy is a specialized imaging process that allows radiologists to view a patientís organs in motion, most frequently the gastrointestinal organs. The ability to watch barium as it passes through a patientís body provides essential information for evaluating and diagnosing digestion function and problems. Fairfax Radiology's radiologists, with the assistance of highly trained technologists, perform Barium Enemas, Upper GIs and other fluoroscopy exams in a safe and private manner. Fairfax Radiology provides these more frequently ordered fluoroscopy exams at our outpatient facilities. Other more specialized fluoroscopy procedures may be performed at FRC affiliated hospitals. These exams always require a special preparation that is provided during the patient scheduling process. Special attention to patient "comfort" allows Fairfax Radiology to assure complete fluoroscopy imaging that provides exceptional quality in diagnoses.

Boys playing baseballGeneral Diagnostic X-ray

Plain film x-rays that do not require sophisticated imaging techniques are a common diagnostic radiology request. Whether a physician needs a chest x-ray to investigate a cough or an ankle x-ray of a child with a soccer injury, general diagnostic x-rays are a frequent, quick and effective imaging tool utilized for illness or injury evaluation. With the convenience of multiple sites, full weekday office hours, free parking, and access to image check out, Fairfax Radiology provides efficient, quality imaging to patients. With the added benefit of no preparation and no appointment necessary, patients are able to obtain the requested procedure at their convenience with confidence that their report will be promptly conveyed to the referring physician.

Intravenous Pyelogram

An intravenous pyelogram (IVP) is a specialized x-ray that demonstrates the function of kidneys, ureters and the urinary bladder. An IVP involves an exam preparation that is provided during scheduling, and includes the use of an intravenous contrast injection. With this procedure, a radiologist is able to observe these structures as the kidneys collect the contrast from the blood stream and filter it for elimination from the bladder. A frequent tool for identifying and evaluating kidney stones, renal masses or hypertension, an IVP will provide important information about urinary health.

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