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CT Scanning/Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) Services

CT Accreditation Whether the images are of brain or body, Fairfax Radiology specialists bring to each procedure a comprehensive understanding of the diseases or conditions that can be diagnosed with CT studies. Our radiologists' professional skill along with advanced and customized equipment provides high-resolution scans with low radiation exposure. Precise scanning and correlation of these images with additional neurological or oncological information provides a comprehensive diagnosis for the benefit of referring physicians. All FRC facilities offer CT imaging on advanced GE Scanners that are accredited by the ACR or under review.
FRC's extensive experience and pioneering work in advanced cardiac CT imaging has resulted in a unique partnership with GE Healthcare.  Together we now offer advanced training courses to radiologists, cardiologists and technologists seeking specialized experience in cardiac CT imaging.

CT ScanWhat is CT of the Body?

CT of the body specifically addresses evaluation of the chest, abdomen and/or pelvic areas. CT or CAT scanning utilizes sophisticated computerized x-ray equipment to produce cross sectional images that enable detailed evaluation of anatomy and pathology. Oral and intravenous contrast material is often used with this modality to differentiate internal structures. With follow-up imaging, changes to the disease are monitored, providing indicators for treatment modification. Our specialized radiologists also offer CT-guided biopsies in a hospital environment.

What is Neuro CT?

Neuro CT involves imagery of the head and spine and is an imaging process that specifically addresses the Central Nervous System and associated structures. A CT of the sinus to diagnose a sinus infection, a head CT ordered based on headaches or a CT of the inner ear because of hearing loss are just some of the diagnostic applications for Neuro CT. Our specialized Neuroradiologists are able to offer a thorough and skilled interpretation for a comprehensive evaluation.

What is Musculoskeletal CT?

MSK CT demonstrates joint structure in extremities and the spine. Whether to evaluate a painful shoulder with a torn rotator cuff, or an arthritic knee with cartilage degeneration, Fairfax Radiology's radiologists can provide a complete diagnosis of the injury or pathology. This allows the referring physician to design a complete and effective treatment plan. Further follow-up imaging can monitor the treatment progress to assist in recovery.

What is CTA (CT Angiography)?

CT Angiography is a specialized imaging process that utilizes CT technology to evaluate the arterial and venous structure of an organ.

What is Screening Heart Scan for Calcium Scoring/Smart Scoring?

The "Calcium Scoring" CT Heart Scan is a fast and simple way to tell if you have calcification (hardening) of the arteries of the heart. The 10-minute scan detects and quantifies calcified plaque in the coronary arteries. It is an accurate predictor of the likelihood of a future heart attack. This non-invasive CT scan of the heart does not require any medication or intravenous contrast dye administration. In the absence of symptoms, this screening exam can be performed without obtaining a physician's order.

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What is 3D Heart Scan/Coronary CTA?

A three-dimensional coronary CT scan is a revolutionary new method for evaluating the heart and coronary arteries. For those individuals who are at risk for heart disease, after a mandatory contrast injection, this simple 15-minute scan will generate high-resolution 3D images of your heart and blood vessels. A 3-D Heart Scan clearly shows blockages that may lead to a heart attack. In the absence of symptoms, this screening exam can be performed without obtaining a physician's order.

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What is a Screening Lung Scan?

This simple test identifies lung cancer and other lung diseases long before they cause symptoms. It also can detect damage to the lungs from smoking, pollutants or previous lung infection or disease. Using this technology we can detect tiny lung cancers that would be invisible on regular chest x-rays and other tests. This test is appropriate for people with an elevated risk of lung cancer, such as current or former smokers, and those with significant exposure to second hand smoke or other lung damaging occupational hazards. In the absence of symptoms, this screening exam can be performed without obtaining a physician's order.

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What is a Virtual Colonoscopy?

CT Virtual Colonoscopy is a new, exciting alternative for the screening of colorectal cancer, which is the second leading cause of death in men and women. Despite clinical evidence that the occurrence of colorectal cancer can be reduced with routine screening, adherence to screening recommendations remain low. Among the reasons for poor compliance is the unpleasant nature of current screening methods. CT virtual colonoscopy promises high accuracy, better tolerance, and is less invasive than current screening methods. It is ideal for those patients that are reluctant or cannot undergo conventional screening, have a medical contraindication for sedation, are undergoing blood thinning therapy, or have a history of unsuccessful conventional colonoscopy.

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What is a Whole Body Scan?

Whole body CT screening is a comprehensive screening CT exam of the entire chest, abdomen and pelvis. Many have called this examination a "virtual physical exam" because it screens for disease of the lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, bowel and vascular system. Because its use is somewhat controversial, Fairfax Radiological Consultants ask that you consult with your physician prior to the exam. We require a physician's order to do the exam.

What is Dental CT?

Dental CTDental CT is the most advanced form of imaging available to help determine accurate implant placement. Traditional CT data is reformatted into multiple images that provide accurate and comprehensive information about the patient's anatomy. It is ideal for visualizing important internal structures, assessing bone quality and providing additional confidence with complex surgical cases. Fairfax Radiology is the first practice to offer complete Dental CT scanning services.

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