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World-class Technologies

MRI of the Brain with Brain Quantification Series (NeuroQuant)

MRI of the Brain with Brain Quantification Series (NeuroQuant) is an advanced post-processing technique done using standard MR images to automatically segment and measure the size of various brain structures such as the hippocampus and lateral ventricles. The processing yields objective and quantitative assessments of the patientís brain and sub-structures and is compared to a normalized age-related database.

This procedure is done upon the referring physicianís request for patients that may present with such symptoms as memory loss or other cognitive impairments. It is available at The MRI Centers in *Fairfax and **Reston during any normal operating hours.

The entire process is done off-line after a patientís standard Brain MRI exam. No special patient preparation is needed.

*Fairfax MRI Center is owned by Inova Fairfax Hospital. Management and Professional Services are provided by Fairfax Radiological Consultants, P.C.

**Service provided by Inova Health Care Services and Fairfax Radiological Consultants, P.C.

Fairfax Radiology remains at the forefront of image quality and patient safety through revolutionary technology.

High-Def, Low-Dose CT

Better for You. Better for Your Patients.

Fairfax Radiology is first in the Washington metropolitan area to provide the latest advancement in CT technology from GE. Our doctors view images that are up to 33% clearer, while reducing the radiation dose to your patients by an average of 50%, as compared to previous generation scanners.

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Coronary CTA

90% Radiation Dose Reduction with 33% Image Quality Improvement

Since December 2008, more than 1000 patients have benefited from revolutionary Coronary CTA technology and expertise, available only in Northern Virginia at Fairfax Radiology. Again, we were among the first radiology practices in the world to use the latest low-radiation dose CT systems, and have been achieving up to a 90% dose reduction and 33% image quality improvement for all coronary CTA studies. Learn more.


See the Difference.

Your patients will also benefit from the most powerful MRI system available at our Reston MRI Center. With a magnetic strength twice as strong as current 1.5 MRI systems and 4 - 6 times more powerful than ďopení MRI systems, our two 3.0T MRIs provide faster, higher definition images. Learn more.