New Tools In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast Tomosynthesis is a 3D mammogram that acquires multiple images of the breast at different angles during a single sweep of the x-ray arm. High-powered computing is used to convert the breast images into a stack of very thin layers or “slices”—building what is essentially a “3-dimensional mammogram.” Instead of viewing all the complexities of breast tissue in a flat image, our radiologists can examine the tissue a layer at a time. Fine details are more clearly visible, no longer obscured or misrepresented by superimposed structures.

Clinical studies presented to the FDA demonstrated that the additional information provided by breast tomosynthesis results in:

• improved breast cancer detection
• improved characterization of suspicious findings
• improved localization of masses, and
• fewer call backs (and associated follow-up procedures)

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Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) aids in finding hard-to-see cancers in dense breasts. Some cancers that could hide on a mammogram show up clearly on an ABUS screening. If your mammogram shows you have dense breasts, Fairfax Radiological Consultants will report this information to you and your doctor. You should have a conversation with your doctor about your breast density and other factors that could affect your breast risk.

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